2015: Eugenia

Miss the little guy so much! He's still my desktop background <3.

Miss the little guy so much! He's still my desktop background <3.

I started 2015 off with no home, no income, a failing thesis and a recent breakup.  I was a source of stress for my family, and a sad sight for my friends.  So to not cause trouble, my instincts were to go into hiding to sort out my broken life alone.

Despite my best efforts, I needed help.  My friends graciously opened up their homes, so I packed my necessary belongings into my tiny car and migrated from place to place for five months.  I lived with much uncertainty, and the furthest from settled I hope to ever be.  And because of this I was forced to give up my loving loyal companion, Gnocchi.  I couldn't make him suffer with me, and not all apartments I crashed at were pet-friendly.  Giving him up was the hardest sacrifice I had to make all year, but in the end I'm happy we found him a good home.

Eventually with the help of my director, caring faculty, staff and colleagues, my thesis began heading in the right direction and 7 months later I was finally able to complete my thesis and graduate from my residency.  During this time I traveled, moved to New Jersey, job searched, and reconnected with family.  To my family I appeared lost, and to my friends I appeared like I was having too much fun to focus on my research.  Only I knew that deep down I was soul searching.  The frustration and insecurities that accumulated when hitting such a low point was immense.  Towards the end of 2015, any resemblance of the life I knew was gone.  And so to not become completely lost I sat down and began writing/blogging to get reacquainted with myself.  I had many conversations with my inner self (and yes, I realize this is half crazy), but mini-ug and I had some great late night chats. 'Hi ug, you still there? what's going on? who are you now? who do you want to be? what went wrong?'  and as time went on, the chats became more and more empowering, 'Remember the time when you did __? You're still awesome, believe in yourself because somehow other people still believe in you. You're healthy, you're safe, you're loved.  You're still there, I'm still here. Now what can I do for us?'

I wrapped up 2015 with a warm apartment, a great job as a full-time endodontist at Encore Dental, a loving boyfriend, and more friends and family than I've ever known to appreciate in the past.  And with some clutch purchases by some friends, I managed to finally break even for Moobury!  Hurray!  I'm excited to see what the new year brings, starting off strong this year.  Rawr!

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!  For those that are starting the year off steady, I wish for bigger better things.  And for those that are starting off on uneven footing, I have 100% faith that with hard work and persistence you'll be in a very different spot at the end of the year. Cheers! - ug