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Cashmere Angora Plaid Earmuffs

Grey-Blue cashgora plaid earmuffs.

This earmuff design is dedicated to my Aunt Shen. It is a sister design to the other cashmere plaid design introduced this season dedicated to my Mom (Seli).  I'm lucky to have been raised by such strong female role models, and happy to have finally created something worthy of them.

Cashmere Plaid Earmuffs

Tan cashmere plaid earmuffs from the season 3 Moobury collection.

I've finally created a earmuff that outdid Burberry!

This design is dedicated to my Mom (Seli).  She is the embodiment of love and beauty, and the goddess who challenged me to become the independent woman I am today. 

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The Herd

Moobury earmuffs are made of high quality fabrics hand selected and sewn by me. Frames are manufactured in Oregon, USA.  Each earmuff is made to order, so please allow 1-2 week for fabrication and shipping. If you need orders by a certain date, please message and we will be more than happy to work with your schedule. 

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