Moobury's Origin

I had a collection of Burberry earmuffs. Each one of those earmuffs had a story, but I'll only bore you with one of them...

The first pair of Burberry earmuffs I ever bought was with Dave, who is like a father to me.  He took me to buy my first car, and on that same weekend, he took me shopping for something nice I really wanted.   Before this I was only able to buy nice things for other people because I didn't feel like I deserved those things for myself.  Purchasing the earmuffs and the car (something my parents wouldn't get me) for myself was a significant experience.  A turning point. I realized I was responsible for making sure I got what I wanted in life - I can't wait around.  I deserve nice things too!  If I don't hesitate to treat others well, why hold back on me?  I can be just as happy as everyone else, I just have to allow myself.

My goal was to one day have a walk-in closet with a entire rack dedicated to them. The accumulation of these earmuffs over the years were to mark my achievement/success in life, and each one would have a story to tell. Unfortunately Burberry discontinued making their earmuffs about 5 years ago, and with that, my dream was shattered... at least, until Christmas of 2013, when my friend surprised me by finding two awesome classic patterned earmuffs on eBay. I was so happy and excited -- my dream could still come true!

Since the earmuffs, which were bought off of eBay, were pre-owned, I decided it was best if I was to dry clean them before wearing them. And for convenience sake, I sent my other three Burberry earmuffs in as well for maintenance.

I picked a dry cleaner down the street from my apartment. They're decently pricey, so I assumed that they would be able to handle my babies. When I went to go pick them up a week later, I was informed that all five pairs of earmuffs were ruined. *sobs* Not only did they tell me my earmuffs are now "coiled and snake-shaped," but they also offered very little for reimbursement.

I searched eBay obsessively, waiting for similar earmuffs to appear, but the search was pretty depressing. I realized that even if I could find the same patterns again, they wouldn't have the same sentimental value :( Those earmuffs are irreplaceable. 

I had a earmuff-shaped hole in my heart. I decided that the only way to fill this void is to make earmuffs myself! No more dwelling on the past for me, time to make my own earmuffs with my friends! The mission began: to creating and perfecting earmuffs that I would be willing to wear in place of my Burberry ones; to build new experiences with my friends.

Code name: 'Project Moobury'

From humble beginings

From humble beginings

Project Moobury Begins

A dream come true!

A dream come true!

All of our earmuffs are hand made to order. If an earmuff isn't beautiful enough for me to wear with pride, it isn't sold. Materials used in each pair are listed in the product details. One size fits most. The headband lengths are not adjustable. 

If you would like a custom order, send me an email at moobury@outlook.com and we'll make it happen!


Earmuffs are handmade to order after purchase, so please allow 1-2 weeks after payment is completed before an item can be shipped. 
Shipping to the continental US is fulfilled by USPS Standard Post™. 
We ship worldwide from the US via USPS First-Class Package International Service™.
If you have a specific need by date, please send me a message via Etsy and I will do my best to accommodate your request!

Refunds and Exchanges

Your satisfaction is my top priority. If you are unhappy with your order for any reason, please contact me within 5 business days of receiving your item. I will do my very best to resolve the problem. Refunds or exchanges are considered on a case-by-case basis.