The Irene Story

My Aunt Irene was a truly amazing person.  She battled lung cancer for many years, survived much longer than the prognosis the doctors gave, and eventually passed away 6 years ago.  Growing up my mom would feed me stories of how business savvy and successful Aunt Irene was to motivate me to be a strong independent woman.  She was a real fighter, kind, beautiful, intelligent and funny.  Because of this Aunt Irene was one of my heroes well before her battle with cancer ever occurred.

It still saddens me that we lost her so soon, but she will always be remembered, and so I naturally named an earmuff after her when I started this Moobury venture.  My famous Aunt Irene quote, and one i revisit often to get me through the hard times is 'Why not me?'

When Aunt Irene was battling cancer, she told us she was extremely upset when she was first diagnosed, 'oh god, why me? why do I have to go through this.'  And later when the anger subsided she realized 'Why not me? Who else would I wish this on? Who else is stronger to deal with this than I am.  Then yes, Why not me?'  

That my friends is what I consider real strength and love.  She was still so strong for all of us when she was going through so much.  And so when I go through a hard time in life, when my arthritis acts up and I'm in so much pain I cry myself to sleep, I think 'Why not me? who else would I wish this pain on?'  And the answer is always nobody else but me.  I may not hold myself up as gracefully as my Aunt Irene did, but I appreciate life, the fight I have to put in, and the times I can be free from my arthritis even more so because of her.

It just so happens that I have a new Irene in my life now.  She is my MooBowy partner, incredibly gifted in her craft, and the more I get to know her the more I'm learning how business savvy she is too.  We have been working hard to launch our new product.  I've learned so much from her, and am very happy that she has brought new hope and meaning to the earmuff Irene.

Each earmuff here has a story(big or small).  If you purchase one I hope the spirit, love and support of my family and friends towards me will transfer through and provide a little extra warmth for you and your loved ones this winter.

Thanks again for checking in, and following me on MooBlog.

- Eugenia