I’d like to dedicate this entry to Portia (aka Conx).  She’s one of the founders of Moobury, and has gotten little recognition for being such a big part of what it is today.  Without her there would be no Moobury earmuffs! *gasps* a world without moo-muffs?!

That’s right, Conx is my sewing mentor, she taught me how to sew and is the seamstress that figured out how to make the earmuffs by hand.  Without such a talented partner, I’d still be staring at pieces of fabric wishing for elves to appear and make my dreams come true.  Now I can be my own earmuff elf and fill Christmas orders for all the good boys and girls. ;)


Learning to make earmuffs took a lot of patience on my end, but teaching a novice to make earmuffs took a marathon’s worth of endurance and patience on Portia’s end.  After about 10 painstaking hours of trial, error and seam ripping, we got our first pair of earmuffs!  

And then another 10 more (100+ hours) for the earmuffs you see today. 

As I am reflecting back on the origins of Moobury, I would also like to take this time to thank all the friends that blindly ordered/invested in moo-muffs in the beginning.  Even when I didn’t even know how to sew you guys believed in me anyway. And I hope you all are proud to see how we’ve grown, couldn’t have done it without all the support. <3

Portia is a special earmuff on Moobury, it is the only one that is made and designed by Portia herself.  She hand embroidered the band on a beautiful stretch denim fabric.  This is a limited edition earmuff!! I cannot and will not make something so complicated; I leave it to the master.  So for anyone that is into one-of-a-kind craftsmanship, the Portia earmuff is for you!  (Her birthday is also coming up, so it would be awesome to tell her a design of hers sold…*still keeping my fingers crossed*)


These days Portia is working as a quantitative data analyst at Cogo Labs.  We haven’t been able to make earmuffs together since I moved to NJ, so she’s been doing her own hobby crafting.  She makes these super intricate silk habotoi and charmeuse scarves, hand painted, heat set and then hand washed.  Each scarf takes more than 30 hours to make, a true labor of love.  She’s available to be commissioned if anyone is interested in a particular design (ie. Moocow. lol), otherwise keep checking in the shop to see if any of Portia Considine's masterpieces start popping up.